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Jeff Davis County
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There is currently a county wide burn ban.
  • No Ground Fires of any type allowed.
  • No open fires are allowed (including campfires).
  • Charcoal fires are allowed only in an elevated container (off the ground).
  • Burning of trash is NOT allowed.
  • Fines up to $500.00 plus cost of suppression and damages will be
            incurred by anyone caught breaking the burn ban.
    Please report any fire immediately via 911.

  • UP Comming Events
    Wed. Jan 11, 201718:30Fire Meeting (Training).
    Wed. Jan 18, 201718:30Fire Meeting (Business).
    Wed. Feb 01, 201718:30Fire Meeting (Business).
    Wed. Feb 08, 201718:30Fire Meeting (Fire School Prep).
    Feb 9 - 12, 2017Fort Davis Wildland Fire Academy.
    Wed. Feb 15, 201718:30Fire Meeting (Training).

    Fort Davis Wildland Fire Academy February 9 - 12, 2017
    Information here
    Training tuition grants from the HB2603 program administerrd by the Texas Forest Service at:
    Application for Rural Fire Defense Assistance
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    Current Weather Conditions   State Wide Burn Bans

    Fort Davis Volunteer Fire Department
    P.O. Box 811
    202 West Court Avenue
    Ft. Davis, TX 79734
    Phone: 432-426-3900
    FAX: 432-426-2908
    (Donations accepted at address above)
    Last updated: 2016-12-04